What is the G1 Blueprint?

The G1 Blueprint is a methodology for getting content ranked at the top of:

It’s taken a few years to develop the G1 Blueprint methodology. I use the G1 Blueprint to get my articles, videos and images ranked at the top of Google Organic, Google Map and Google Plus.

g1 blueprint

Here are a few Google Page 1 Rankings I’ve gotten using the G1 Blueprint model

When you subscribe to G1 Blueprint Tip Sheet, I will share with you how to get your content ranked at the top of the search engines.

If you find this information useful for getting your site ranked at the top of Google, you might consider:

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If you follow the G1 Blueprint, you will find that your WordPress site will rank at the top of Google much quicker than if you didn’t use the G1 Blueprint methodology.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

Neil Ferree


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