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Mar 18

Video Marketing Tip | Add Interactive App to Video Player

Video Marketing is an affordable and effective social content marketing tactic every business should be using in their online marketing efforts. Adding an interactive app using the Viewbix platform is easy to design and deploy.

video marketing

Video Marketing Interactive App

The Order Social Audit¬†button is clearly the visual queue in this Viewbix player. In this case, the destination URL for the Yellow CTA button points to a Google Docs Survey form that initiates the Social Audit ordering process. All the user has to do is click their top socials, drop in a name, url, email and phone and you’re good to go.

Video Marketing Widget

You can resize the Viewbix player to fit in your widget area like I’ve done here as the Showcase Presentation. You can create 100 Players and generate 500,000 views before you have to spend more $$ on additional traffic.


Video Content Marketing is an area where most businesses have plenty of room to grow. If your Google Plus Video Tab is not as populated as you would like, using this video marketing tool and technique to add interactive apps to your embedded video player will produce nice good results if you’ve produced a solid video piece with a compelling call to action and trigger the CTR using this video marketing technique.


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